Introducing: Looks Cloudy

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Are you sick and tired of the cloud hype yet? Even Microsoft and IBM are talking about the cloud – on national television directly to end consumers. It’s fantastic – it eliminates complex technology, IT departments and more. It’s closing down computer science programs and technology schools around the world. It’s magic!

Frankly, it’s bull—-. I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

For everything else, I’m proud to present Looks Cloudy to you.

Kate Hunt, formerly of MSP University, is heading up an effort to educate  our IT Solution Providers how to benefit from the cloud. Through webinars, podcasts, blog posts and slicing through the hype machines and PR cloud-happy factories, she’ll be arming you with some common sense to address your clients needs and guide them through the clouds that all this hype is creating.

Fact: There is a lot of money in the cloud.

Problem: It’s not business as usual.

So hop on over to the Looks Cloudy site and tune in. I’ve spoken to a ton of our partners and I heard over and over just how much need there is for this beast. The IT MSP / VAR community needs a common sense approach to the cloud, which is a scarce commodity as everyone wants to talk about it. So let’s do what we’ve always done – throw our resources and brain power together and win. I’m pledging a lot of resources towards this project and will chime in over there from time to time – but the real power remains with you. We have had an unprecedented level of interest in contributing, sponsoring, promoting and helping MSPs move to the cloud.

The future Looks Cloudy and that’s not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all!

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