Who is killing ExchangeDefender?

Exchange, ExchangeDefender

Good headline, eh? Smile 

I’m sure many of you who hate my guts would probably say “Vlad, your service, your people, your reliability and this blog are the reason!”

Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? Smile

In November, we decided to find out.

It’s no secret that cloud is a huge deal.

But how big?

Well, ExchangeDefender is primarily deployed to protect on-premise SMTP servers – Exchange, Gmail, Postfix, Lotus and Sendmail (in that order).

It is ONLY sold through our partners. We make $0 direct sales.


For the first time in product history (since 2001), ExchangeDefender has lost more accounts to third-party Exchange hosting deployments than our competitors or web hosting providers.

This is significant for several reasons:

  1. Typically, we lose accounts when partners go with another provider and switch their services elsewhere – this trend stopped with the launch of ExchangeDefender 5 last December.
  2. Losses are to direct model Exchange resellers. Looking at the MX record directly goes to a provider that you can get Exchange with a click of a mouse.
  3. These aren’t clients cutting costs of going out of business – such as moves to the likes of GoDaddy or Gmail – these are removals of the MSP from the food chain.

I’ve said it way too many times but I’ll say it again – channel is dying. You need to retool, now.

If you aren’t offering your clients Exchange – others are and statistically speaking – they are taking your clients away from you and eroding your business. Don’t worry about OWN or ExchangeDefender – we’re doing better than we ever have.

If you aren’t offering Exchange and other cloud services, you need to. Join us, we’ll show you how. We’re making a killing in the cloud, and you should be as well!

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