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Vladcast is Back!!! #13


Welcome to 2009! Ok, so doom and gloom up front: It’s going to be a tough year. We’ll still move forward, we’ll still make a lot of money, it’s just going to be tougher all around. In this podcast I … Continue reading

Vladcast Episode 12 – Who Motivates You?


Vladcast #11 was the most popular Vladcast ever (yeah, four people!) – kind of ironic when you consider that it had nothing to do with IT and technology. I am not sure how, but I confused a lot of you into … Continue reading

Vladcast Episode 11 – Determination


Vladcast on determination. For all those of you that asked where I get the energy to do what I do and how I get this done. You might want to turn your speakers down a little though, this is the raw, uncensored Vlad. All you … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 10 – Community 2.0 Initiatives

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VladCast 10, a short 9 minute brief on what I’m doing on the community / community related side. Update on Shockey Monkey, progress of Thieving Weasel, the explanation of Orlando ITPRO TV and just what the whole idea behind it all is. You have … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 9 – PAL Program with Vijay Riyat and Dean Calvert


VladCast 9, a slight departure from the usual format, is an interview with Microsoft Partner Area Leads Vijay Riyait and Dean Calvert talking about the PAL program goals and objectives. Do you know where your PAL is?   Play VladCast: [audio:] Add … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 8 – LA, WWPC, Humility


VladCast 8, live from Los Angeles, California…. recorded quick, at about noon, cause I had to be in a data center soon. Yes, I’m that white.  Los Angeles Sloooooooooooow week WWPC: Whats there? Humility Play VladCast: [audio:] Add feed to iTunes  / … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 7 – Betas, WWPC, iPhone

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VladCast 7, after a pretty bad flu, is finally on the air. I checked my stats, got almost 2,000 regular listeners (RSS) so I’m pretty happy with how its growing – talk about loving the voice! So what’s in store this week, 10 … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 6 – Successful Conferencing

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VladCast 6, The summary of experiences at Jeff Middleton’s ITPRO conference in New Orleans and the Microsoft TechEd – Why they matter to an SMB ITPRO! Also a look ahead at Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference in Denver and about … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 5

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VladCast 5, the SMB ITPRO world condensed into a loud 5 minute podcast: – Less than two weeks left to get to SBS Migration Conference– Interested in Cougar? Ask your SBS group leader for a beta invite.– Changes with Longhorn– … Continue reading

VladCast Episode 4

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Untitled document VladCast 4, the SMB ITPRO world condensed into a loud 5 minute podcast: – Bow down to Shockey Monkey: Signup – Dell to offer Ubuntu Linux – WSUS 3.0 for SBSers: Susan, Susan, Andy – Much ado about nothing: … Continue reading