Vladcast is Back!!! #13


Welcome to 2009! Ok, so doom and gloom up front: It’s going to be a tough year. We’ll still move forward, we’ll still make a lot of money, it’s just going to be tougher all around.

In this podcast I describe the practice I’ve put myself through during the past 4 months since coming back to work @ OWN full time. It runs about 17 minutes and really good stuff starts at 5:20 mark.

But is that such a bad thing? No. It’s when we are tried the hardest that we perform at our very best. It’s also the judgement time for those who spent their more fortunate times without regard for how to design a business that performs. I have been talking to people all over the world and the response is unanimous: It’s getting tougher but we’re doing well.

I believe we’re very lucky. Yes, lucky. This is the time to take a hard look at ourselves, punishing look at those that are no longer with us, and gain some strength from the whole affair. What can we do today to be stronger tomorrow so we can rock out in 2010 and beyond? Opportunity knocks every day.

Play VladCast: [audio:http://www.vladville.com/media/Vladcast13.mp3]

Listen to my attempt. For some reason, people love this format. As Susan likes to remind me: I love your sensual voice Vlad! I’m going to say what’s on my mind, and much like V… I hope you talk back and give me ideas. I would love to be fortunate enough to have enough time to talk and argue with each and every one of you. No such time, for any of us, I’m afraid. But hey, shoot back from your office chair and let’s see if we all can’t help one another out.

I’m taking the first step. Hear it out, tell me what’s next: vlad@vladville.com

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