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CentOS 5 is Out!

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Congratulations to the CentOS team. They released CentOS 5.0 today, which is the free version of the Enterprise Linux OS. Basically they take the source for Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and recompile and rebuild a solution so you can install … Continue reading

Is your next PC ready for Vista?

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Kind of, sort of, maybe? You're not the only one unsure about it, as a matter of fact it is one of the most puzzling conversations on the Internet as of late – what kind of hardware will Vista demand … Continue reading

Vista Beta & Meaning of Beta

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Good news for the folks that are willing to spend the weekend testing a new Vista build. Get to it before everyone else brings to a crawl. Dear Longhorn / Windows Vista Beta Tester, We are pleased to announce … Continue reading

The more things Vista, the more they Longhorn the same

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So the name changed but not the products cronic delays: Vista Launch Delayed I'm happy to see this and I'm sure everyone who has alpha/beta tested Vista so far will agree it needed a lot more time to be the … Continue reading

Longhorn and Vista in Virtual PC

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If you're having trouble installing Windows Vista or Longhorn in the Virtual PC environment here are a few tips I found over on the Virtual PC Guy's Weblog: Create a new virtual machine with a 16GB (or larger) virtual hard … Continue reading

Vista Signed Drivers: Good or Bad Social Move?


Yesterday brought the news of Windows Vista requiring, here's some jargon: "Vista driver developers must obtain a Publisher Identity Certificate (PIC) from Microsoft. Microsoft says they won't charge for it, but they require that you have a Class 3 Commercial … Continue reading

Vlad, how come I can’t get on the beta?

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Over the course of last two weeks I've been filling requests left and right for various Microsoft beta projects from Vista to Messenger and back to Mail. Tonight I got a rather paranoid email, essentially, asking why is it so … Continue reading

Preparing for Windows Vista in Small Business

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So in today's mailbag comes a question from Nick asking: "Love the SBS Show especially one thing questions and I have one for you: What should we do to prepare for the Windows Vista?"; Just among the many folks in … Continue reading