The more things Vista, the more they Longhorn the same

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So the name changed but not the products cronic delays: Vista Launch Delayed I'm happy to see this and I'm sure everyone who has alpha/beta tested Vista so far will agree it needed a lot more time to be the next Microsoft platform. Not sure about it n eeding only "a few more weeks" though, they must have 5x as many Indians/Chinese working on it as I imagine. The product looks amazing but the performance piece is simply not there and there are simply too many issues with it that I have personally been bugging and I have not even made it to the server-side yet. Wonder what this does for the server lineup? Not sure yet but almost certainly a delay there as well. The server piece for its part looks a whole lot more stable than the Workstation component and it pretty much must. So strap on and wait about another year for the official Vista launch. Update: Oddly, even though they are citing the need for more time to tweak security, business editions will available to volume licensing customers before the close of the year… Lots of emails asking me about the cause for the delays. Honestly, I do not know the reason. I can speculate however from being on the beta team. The amount of feedback and scenario voting on the February CTP is simply insane. I think Microsoft is stepping back.. looking at the scenario and bug report and opting to really deliver a rock solid release from the ground up. Thats my guess, others would be integration of the new file system perhaps? 🙂 Ah, wishful thinking 😉

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