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Confessions of a Facebook troll

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Forgive me father, it has been a while since my last blog. Now that I’m at my ripe, old age of 40, retired, living the dream (more on that later), I really wanted to see if I can help so … Continue reading

All the business is a stage

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If you didn’t recognize Bill S in the title, it’s also my philosophy on business and HR: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man … Continue reading

When it’s over (seriously, it’s time to let go)


Folks have been trying to sucker me into this debate that started yesterday with CRN about “the cloud” and how to find a profitable way to it (I believe the title was “Running behind the train you’ve missed and why … Continue reading

SMB Bailout

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This has been on my mind somewhat over the past few days and I am not sure if I’m right or not but here it is: I talk to a lot of you and the most frequent question happens to … Continue reading

Buck Fama


Regular season is over. Let the hatin’ begin. Buck Fama! Got the tickets to the next Saturday’s SEC championship game between Florida and Alabama so I can hate live in person 🙂 So even if we get our ass kicked … Continue reading

You know what today is, right?


Start of the football season. Let the trash talking begin. So let’s see, who are we playing this year. Of course, there is FSU. Now their coach seems to have the right spirit: The rest of the team gets it … Continue reading

As the SBS world turns…


A little while back I decided not to play a role in the neverending SBS world drama and perpetual line of jackasses posturing for attention and influence (but seemingly uninterested in doing any real work). I’ve done so primarily to … Continue reading

Lack of professionalism goes both ways..


One thing that gets me, been on really all sides of the IT business, is how easy it is to spot people that should never be dealing with human beings. The world of IT business has really evolved from the … Continue reading

SBSers and Reading


One of the best parts of the MVP summit is getting together with project managers who bring you all the Microsoft software and seeing exactly how they collect the feedback and how we all end up with the software that … Continue reading

See you on the 2nd…


Tomorrow is April 1st and I will not be blogging out of protest. You see, April 1st is the excuse for people without the slightest sense of humor to take one day a year and act like awkward imbeciles. I’m … Continue reading