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PHP 7.1 with Apache on CentOS 7.x

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Back in the long long ago you could roll out LAMP with a single yum command. In 2017, distro game has hardly kept up with the evolution in PHP and still comes with PHP 5.4 – to go to 7 … Continue reading

Fast Table Repairs for myisam


SQL table corruption can happen from time to time for a number of reasons. As we have scaled ExchangeDefender, I ran into a number of situations in which the data inserts were incomplete, or some maintenance tasks (large delete queries) … Continue reading

Load Balancer Fun

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I really don’t like talking smack about my competitors both because I know how difficult of a task we all have always being a step behind spammers and I choose to put my energy into building our own products. After … Continue reading

Puzzled by Linux Gadget popularity as of late?

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Do you find yourself puzzled by all the buzz surrounding the latest low cost gadgets running Linux? If you’re not that good at counting you might even think the buzz is translating into a huge opportunity. Well, no. Not really. … Continue reading

ASUS ExpressGate & SplashTop

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Perhaps two of the coolest new motherboard features in quite some time, shame it’s from Asus, but kudos on producing this. I really cannot do it justice with my own review since I’m just a screaming fangirl when it comes … Continue reading

Google Temporal Search

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One of the search features I would really appreciate would be to search for the results available in the database on a particular date. For example, what if you searched for “Bush nucular evidence” in 2001 vs. 2007, you’d get … Continue reading

Breaking down the Microsoft vs. Linux Patent Scare

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(not a rant, hey there is first time for everything) By now you’ve surely seen at least a dozen articles on how, depending on the source, Microsoft is ready to eliminate Linux from existence or collect royalties or sue “them” … Continue reading

Ubuntu on Dell – By Popular Demand

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So the cat is out of the bag – Dell officially supporting desktop Linux. Linux desktop has been a tough sell on the desktop particularly due to the lack of IT solution providers capable of supporting it for the SMBs. … Continue reading

Why Linux Evangelists Fail

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Untitled document Because too many hobbyists discussing politics are misrepresenting themselves as IT professionals and Linux evangelists. Nearly every IT Pro I know has used Linux or currently uses Linux – whether they like it or not is not up … Continue reading

CentOS 5 is Out!

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Congratulations to the CentOS team. They released CentOS 5.0 today, which is the free version of the Enterprise Linux OS. Basically they take the source for Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and recompile and rebuild a solution so you can install … Continue reading