Ubuntu on Dell – By Popular Demand

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So the cat is out of the bag – Dell officially supporting desktop Linux. Linux desktop has been a tough sell on the desktop particularly due to the lack of IT solution providers capable of supporting it for the SMBs. However, with the Dell push things will certainly change. Have your customers considered Ubuntu? Do you know that you can install Ubuntu and sync it up to Exchange in less than an hour? As I mentioned on Vladcast #2 two weeks ago, the time to wreck your test box with Linux desktop is now.


You know who I feel sorry for most of all? Imagine that poor sucker that has to figure out how to roll all the crapware Dell packs their desktops with on Linux. All the meetings and decisions, decisions, decisions – “So we need to annoy the user with more popups but they have multiple desktops in their window manager – so how do we broadcast the popup to every single deskop available without crashing the box?”

I’m curious to see how this is taken by the SBS community that has been traditionally afraid of open source solutions. Will you try it out? Ignore it? Wait for it to show up at the customer site like Mac’s? Support it already? You know where to find me..

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