Shockey Monkey Video

Shockey Monkey

The week of the monkey continues, and today I proudly present the Shockey Monkey: First Look video. This is probably the best 20 minutes you’ll spend today, 20 minutes to see what Shockey Monkey is and how it works.

I hear you, I hear you – 20 minutes? Good lord, I don’t have that kind of time. Please keep in mind that in those 20 minutes I’ve completely customized my portal, added customers, opened and closed a support request, billed / invoiced the call, made an announcement and customized the experience for the customer. All that, and an explanation of why this is something you need to consider for your business. It saves time, it enhances customers support experience and it makes you look great without robbing you blind! The unCRM. Turns out that was trademarked so we’re going with MSP Ticket (My Support Professional Ticket, Managed Service Provider Ticket, My Super Powerful Ticket);

Flash: Shockey Monkey Video (20 minutes)

The wmv version is being produced, will be up shortly. (5:37 updated broken link)

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