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Unrigging the Internet of Things

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If you’ve ever heard someone overly excited about the Internet of Things you’ve likely talked to one of the two groups of people: idiots or people trying to sell you IoT. There is no other subset of IoT enthusiasts out … Continue reading

Is strong encryption a fundamental civil liberty

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For a moment let’s ignore political affiliations. Let’s ignore whatever you may feel towards Snowden’s brain dump that exposed just how much the US government violates your privacy. Let’s ignore that our government is thoroughly incapable of preventing terrorist attacks: … Continue reading

Life after IT

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Every now and then I have what I like to call existential crisis conversations with my partners: I don’t know what I’m going to do next?!?! And to an extent, I understand why some people get into this frenzy – … Continue reading

Dust Leadership

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It seems like everyone I talk to on Facebook is in a process of writing a book these days. It’s a noble pursuit, one that will have you eating well above the dollar menu at McDonalds one day. But I’m … Continue reading

To thine own self be true

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It’s not a big surprise to many of my long time readers that I am a huge fan of Shakespeare and British/imperial/colonial history. I owe most of that to the copious (meaning: shitload) amount of reading, theatre, history and other … Continue reading

If you ignore it, it won’t change

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Sort of a followup on the last post, sort of a general truth about life and work: Things that bother you don’t change just because you wish or hope or pray or dream. You actually need to do something for … Continue reading

MSP vendors are like a box of chocolates

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Another RMM & PSA business.. poof. Except this time they didn’t even bother putting up an elaborate lie about “becoming more competitive, better resources, nothing will change” – instead a hand written “Please flush twice” sign. But hey, it wouldn’t … Continue reading


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I don’t often write about my personal life on Facebook, I don’t think anyone cares and quite honestly it’s not that exciting at all. I am making an exception today because I do not want anyone to have to go … Continue reading


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This is a post for the new category named Rants. Now most of the rants will likely be very abrasive in support of my Vladville alter ego which keeps most of you too scared to call me so I can … Continue reading