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An exercise in futility: What to do when nobody wants your products anymore

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Extremely long blog post cut short: When nobody cares about you, your products, your services or what you think you want to sell they still care a lot about their data. Never lose sight of what your client wants and … Continue reading

Importance of continuity, and why it doesn’t exist

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I’ve been reading a massive amount of coverage about Yahoo shutting down Buzz (competition to, AltaVista / AllTheWeb (competition to and There is far, far more coverage and opinions presented over at I don’t really want … Continue reading

Tips for Job Seekers

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Let me first admit that I thank my lucky stars that I am nearly never the hiring manager for any roles at Own Web Now. In order for me to make you an offer, you need to come really highly … Continue reading

Going Commercial?

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Got a few angry emails regarding my last post, mostly asking if I was selling out: “So you’re taking all the stuff you do and making it commercial?” Not sure how that came through the message but no, actually, quite … Continue reading

Another Office Alternative: Adobe

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Ok, things are starting to get interesting in the online Office suite game, we’re moving past the AJAXified web pages straight into fully interactive stuff. Check it out, available now:; Tagline “Work. Together. Anywhere” Sarah has a great writeup … Continue reading

Who is your influencer, baby?

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One of the nicest things about the MVP Summit, and one of the reasons I pay so much and urge so many of you to go to the big industry events, is that you can surround yourself with people who … Continue reading

Susan is Twitter

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I’m going to try to explain Twitter to Susan, in a public way, because I feel she needs to be on it moreso than anyone else I know. But you know the fable of CPAs and technology so here is … Continue reading

How desperate are you for attention?

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I am not exactly “beloved” for my opinion of my IT brotherin, the antisocial and borderline sociopath behavior that comes as a result of spending fourty hours a week staring at the monitor and conducting more than half of the … Continue reading

TwitterFox: Finally, a good Twitter client

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Ok, so I said that the day I meet a decent twitter client I will actually blog about it. This day has come. For the past week or so, I have been using TwitterFox extension for Firefox and I must … Continue reading

The coming age of marketing accountability

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Integrity matters. Humble pie is tasty. For close to a decade, Internet used to be an awesome place for deceitful sociopaths. That kind of environment, full of anonymity and unaccountability, is a great breeding ground for some spectacular outright shameful … Continue reading