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I’m going to try to explain Twitter to Susan, in a public way, because I feel she needs to be on it moreso than anyone else I know. But you know the fable of CPAs and technology so here is my attempt:

Twitter is Instant Messaging that is neither instant nor interruption driven.

I am not saying that it’s not a giant waste of time, I am not saying that less than 1e^-500 of what you will see on there is worth while. I am saying that it is a useful communications medium with people who have embraced it. Right now I am shaming Tim Barrett for just learning what it means to be rickrolled, I am trying to setup a vegetarian dinner with Vijay, I am trying to see if Josh will bump up BlogOrlando towards the weekend and I am wondering how long till Dave buys a telescoping camera lens for his iPhone.

So why does this matter? It matters because among billions of worthless conversations, Twitter allows you to use a medium that isolates a few of them that are worth having with people that have chosen to conduct them in such a way. If I send Dave an email, I’m likely at the bottom of his list of mails to review. Vijay will probably hide from his business email for weeks. Josh’s blog had 12 comments on it within minutes of the post.

Really, it’s just a matter of cutting through.

And I for one would like to see Susan on it. Susan, twittering, will make most newsgroups and Yahoo groups obsolete. Will Susan be able to overcome her inner-CPA’s take on technology. Tune in at 11 for details.

For everyone else.. look at it as the secret twin language. The cool people (if there are any in whoever you follow) are in, so if you want to be in you have to conform. Or be a rebel. I am not a guidance counselor, I’m just trying to offer up a perspective.

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  1. AllenS says:

    A database of rickrolled URLs can be found here:
    You can subscribe to the list of URL and block users from visiting.
    Another good article on how you can avoid being rickrolled is available here: *
    Lastly, another good tip is to use FireFox for webbrowsing. Firefox can be downloaded from this URL:

    *Users who do not appreciate being rickrolled should avoid following this link

  2. Josh Hallett says:

    The Friday event date for BlogOrlando is something that I have debated for a while, and it probably won’t change.

    One of the draws of Orlando is the theme parks. I have been able to use this to lure many of the key speakers and their families to the area, it’s the ‘Come on down, speak Friday and then hang out at the parks the rest of the weekend’ thing.

    I know the highlight for many of the out-of-towners this past year was the trip to Kennedy Space Center.

  3. Susan says:

    Gee they just posted what they were going to tell you on Twitter here. What are you going to do next?

    On the twitter rolls I’m looking at, the conversations aren’t that important to be twittered in the first place.

    “All the cool kids are there” sounds like “if your friends asked to you jump off a cliff…”

  4. vlad says:



  5. StaceyC says:

    Twitter=IM for the ADD crowd

  6. andyparkes says:

    This may sound like a stupid question but i need to ask it anyway

    Lets imagine all your friends and colleagues are on Facebook and use it on a regular basis….

    what’s the difference between checking their status updates and following on Twitter?

  7. vlad says:


    Absolutely nothing. I think you got it the other way around, people use twitter to update their Facebook status, and its static, as in, you can’t respond to their status without generating an email or facebook mail to them. The twitter process I suppose is a lot less heavy.

    And I don’t think its very ADD, I get far less messages on twitter than on my little Mac thats used for community bs im’s only.


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