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Why we CANNOT get along

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I know, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about politics on Vladville and I’m certainly far from qualified to do so but… it’s what I do. Honestly, it’s about the only thing I do these days – talk to … Continue reading

Still Alive

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I have a lot on my mind but relatively little that I can blurt out in a Vladville post… but since the is piling with pings, life checks and requests for info, here is a brief and unorganized update. … Continue reading

Cool Stuff That Happened This Week

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I was out of the office this week and for the most part hanging out with partners and vendors around the clock – so here are a few things that happened this week that I thought were cool from the … Continue reading

Fixing Stupid

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Can you fix stupid? Can anyone, externally, fix stupid? Correctional facility system seems to think so. I don’t. Yesterday one of my friends offered her opinion on this topic and I felt it would be valuable to offer mine… because … Continue reading

What Is Really Wrong With America


This is a technology blog and I typically only deviate from that topic to cover management of a technology business. Given the ongoing government shutdown and the persistent snaking about it from our foreign partners, I wanted to offer you … Continue reading

DIY Lutherburger

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Two years ago I blogged about a visit to a joint in Atlanta that was famous for lutherburgers and hamdogs. Since then it has been a frequent subject of discussion with fans and I’ve also had a bit of a … Continue reading

Not sure what I’m doing right but.. thanks!

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Yesterday ExchangeDefender posted the biggest month both on revenue and profits. ExchangeDefender is booming thanks to Essentials ($0.50/user/month), the cloud is taking off with our premium offering that will include Lync (launch in May) and to be honest I’d love … Continue reading

How would you build a RAMzilla?

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Recently I wrote a blog post detailing some gear we use for large scale data backups (“How do you backup a ton of stuff?”) So here is what I’m looking at: Giant RAM drive. The workstation-class system with 24 GB … Continue reading

Letting the little stuff slide

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Not really related to anything in the technology field, but just how often do the little things get to you? To me – very often. Mostly because my entire job is on the polar opposites – I set the company … Continue reading


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This is only going to be funny / amusing if you’re a nerd. You’ve been warned. We recently built in a web filtering solution as a part of ExchangeDefender. It’s agent based, free and has over 80 categories that you … Continue reading