Still Alive

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I have a lot on my mind but relatively little that I can blurt out in a Vladville post… but since the is piling with pings, life checks and requests for info, here is a brief and unorganized update.

I’m alive. I’m at work, at both jobs, just all over the place and doing great.

That last part is a total lie. I’m literally, figuratively and physically overwhelmed with everything I’ve got going on. It starts with work related anxiety over the amounts of money that are in play. I try to remind myself that I’ve got everything in the world I’ll ever need, that business is just a game of numbers.. but while I’m on my 2nd warehouse of cars the “numbers” aren’t just that to the people that depend on us making the right decisions, exceed our clients expectations, launch everything flawlessly and continue to rock at everything we do.

Top that off with some personal issues. My third job is being a father and trying to make sure my kids don’t grow up with the same bad habits their daddy has. So while I’m all done being mentally drained at work I have a part time job of talking, chauffeuring, organizing and trying to keep them off junk food and sugar… where I’d rather have a few shots of whiskey… which I can’t have because I’m trying to shave some of the weight I gained during the marathon weight (all carbs, all the time) to a more trim triathlon weight and diet that’s significantly less carby.

The combo of all this isn’t healthy… But like everything else…

It’s temporary.

And that’s what I’ve got going on. I’m trying to focus on what is important right now, what makes a difference, what my time is immediately most effectively applied towards getting the entire plan put together. I’m trying to ignore all the whiny bitching I’d rather be doing because I honestly don’t see how it does anything for me or what I’m working on, just wastes time. And honestly I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t fun, hard as it may be.

The core of this blog is explaining the mistakes I’ve made or the mistakes others make in the technology business. So I’ve got a lot of things to write here. I just don’t have the time – and that my friends is the difference between reality and fiction so the book writing and coaching will have to wait a little bit.

Carpe Diem. Or YOLO. Whatever works.