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Cool Stuff That Happened This Week

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I was out of the office this week and for the most part hanging out with partners and vendors around the clock – so here are a few things that happened this week that I thought were cool from the … Continue reading

The Lie Of Mobile Apps

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Here is some bullshit I heard recently that made me laugh out loud and I thought I’d deliver a little dose of reality when it comes to clueless people selling to uninformed masses. For example: Over 100% of your clients … Continue reading

Lumia 900 Windows Phone

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I’m an iPhone user, it’s my personal cell phone that I use for pictures, Facebook and texting. My work cell phone is an Android and I’m not a big fan of it’s email application or Touchdown – which is my … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey: Ultimately, who pays the bill?

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Over the past week I’ve outlined what I believe to be the future of technology management in small to medium businesses. I’ve discussed how we got here, what we need to focus on managing, how we need to involve the … Continue reading

Getting to Android Froyo (2.2) now!!!

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You have to hand it to Google, they really don’t stop. The announcements that came from the Google I/O conference this week (regarding TV, mobile, etc) are just amazing. They are pretty much the fastest moving IT business these days … Continue reading

Android – Part #1


I love my Apple iPhone 3GS and I can’t really imagine life without it – it takes pictures, video, has great games, FaceBook and TweetDeck rock and when you need to kill time it’s awesome. However, my business phone is … Continue reading

My time with the Droid


There has been a lot of hype around the Droid phone from Verizon and with a few of my friends getting one and not sharing any impressions I had to go and check it out. I spent about half an … Continue reading

What would help your virtualization efforts?

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Dave Sobel, cohost of the SBS Show, wants to know. Dave is putting together some content around virtualization with the SMB focus and is taking on all advice you wish to pass on.

So much for mobile broadband

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Seems like Nextel-Sprint just keeps on finding ways to tie more stones around its ankles as it sinks further and further into the ocean of companies not to work with. Betanews is talking about Sprint’s upcoming implementation of a 5GB … Continue reading

Three Important Fixes for Windows Mobile 6

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It is no longer a surprise that iPhone absolutely destroyed Windows Mobile in nearly all categories, or that Blackberry has reincarnated from their lawsuit to become the most demanded business communications solution around. It is far less surprising to those … Continue reading