My time with the Droid


There has been a lot of hype around the Droid phone from Verizon and with a few of my friends getting one and not sharing any impressions I had to go and check it out. I spent about half an hour playing with it: It’s cool, but not impressive. Sticking with the iPhone 3GS.

Here is my initial impression: the keyboard is too small to be far more useful than an on screen one. The web browser is impressive, but zooming in to read the content is painfully slow. One thing that did surprise me was the collection of apps, it doesn’t look like anything I have on the iPhone would be difficult to replace with the Droid and Android 2.0 marketplace. The other impressive thing – camera. Absolutely amazing. Ton of features but still sloooooooow.

Biggest disappointment: GPS. The GPS detected me about 6 blocks (over a mile) away from where I actually was. The device was not as snappy as expected. The picture album left quite a bit to be desired, even though the device is far more feature packed than the iPhone in nearly every area.

In my opinion, Droid might be the best smartphone that isn’t an iPhone. But as much as it pains me to admit this, and give Apple more kudos or money, the iPhone simplicity and smoothness wins. While I wish I had better 3G, the Droid requires extra $ to enable Exchange 2007 access and there is no tethering. So yeah, better 3G but still the same dirty telco tricks that will make this yet another device that’s a slave to it’s carrier.

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  1. Scott Cover says:

    Vlad –

    I’ve had mine for about a week now and have to say I’m quite impressed. Yes, the keyboard is fairly useless, but other than that I’m happy and it syncs just fine with my OWN Hosted Exchange Mailbox. 🙂

    I don’t know, maybe it just doesn’t like Florida, but the GPS has been flawless for me, including Navigation and integration with third-party apps like FourSquare.

    For those of us that hate AT&T and can’t get an iPhone, this is definitely the phone to get in my opinion.


  2. Steve P says:

    Ive had one since the release date, its a good phone, I like it better than my last winmo and the call quality and build quality seem good. Im really bummed about 2 things with it.

    1. Its underpowered, honestly they should have made this thing a bit more powerfull to better handle the apps that they are marketing (GPS)

    2. What the hell did they even include the exchange sync for with the way its missing features?? It almost seems to me that its there so they can say “it does exchange”, you cant set-up folders to sync (you can manually), you cant move email from the inbox to a different folder & it dosent honor the exchange server’s security policy or remote wipe.

  3. Chris Knight says:

    While you’re looking at the Droid, have a look at the Nokia N900 which has just gone on sale in the US. Similar hardware specs to the iPhone 3GS, but with an actual multitasking OS.

  4. Tillman Mosley III says:

    Using K-9 Mail as a client will let you sync folders automatically and give you the ability to move mail to different folders.
    On Exchange you will see the option to remote wipe the Droid but it will just mess up the exchange settings on the phone. You don’t have to pay the extra $15 to get Exchange, the $30 plan works fine.

    You can also do USB or Bluetooth tethering with another app. There aren’t any impressive photo viewer apps as of yet but there are a couple with promise.

    So far I’ve been pretty happy with it.

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