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What I’d really like to say – Unicorn v2

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Now before you get mad at me, and you will, I urge you to accept that this is not just my opinion: but an opinion that I am putting my money behind. How I choose to build our business based … Continue reading

SM Mobile Strategy & Growth

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A little bit on strategery here just so we’re smoking the same stuff.. Today we announced the Android native application for Shockey Monkey:   It’s joining native applications on iPhone and iPad – none of that webkit / slow junk … Continue reading

Message to the old SBS guard

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As Eminem said: It’s over. Let go. Nobody wants to build servers no mo. At least not in the SMB space. Those are facts, like them or not. Unsurprisingly, The League of Extraordinarily Unreasonable IT Gentlemen begs to differ. (you’ll … Continue reading

An exercise in futility: What to do when nobody wants your products anymore

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Extremely long blog post cut short: When nobody cares about you, your products, your services or what you think you want to sell they still care a lot about their data. Never lose sight of what your client wants and … Continue reading

SBS End Is The Best Move Microsoft Made In Years


SBS 2003 is probably the greatest product Microsoft has put out in the server space and it’s one that made us a lot of money. It has financed the buildout of other product lines which have done enormously well for … Continue reading

Flipping The World of SMB Marketing

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Disclosure: This is a massive pitch. Please don’t misunderstand though, it is not meant to sell you or convince you – it’s a direction that I’m going in and if you’d like to hop onboard with me, you’re quite welcome. … Continue reading

2012: The year of core competencies

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January is the month in which I’m obligated to offer my opinion on the coming year and what we will see. For the past few years I’ve had a relatively consistent opinion that cloud will continue to drive growth and … Continue reading

Shockey Monkey Reloaded Tomorrow

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Over the past week I have given you my assessment on the state of IT in SMB and beyond, a look to the past and to the future. I appreciate all the emails and only wish I could follow up … Continue reading


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Over the years my company has managed to keep it’s most gifted, albeit at times difficult, talent while most of the bad hires fell off the bus rather easily without too much pushing. I firmly believe that it’s employees that … Continue reading

Microsoft WPC Impressions

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So many of you have emailed me to ask about my impression of what was said and done at Microsoft WPC that I have to make this brief post about it. If you ever have a question, feel free to … Continue reading