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Over the past week I have given you my assessment on the state of IT in SMB and beyond, a look to the past and to the future. I appreciate all the emails and only wish I could follow up with them all.. but I don’t just make up stuff you read on Vladville, all of it is influenced by many of you that talk, email and chat with me every day.

The theory of small business IT consumerization and how modern service providers can ride the wave to the more efficient and profitable future.

1. No future without the past
2. unRMM – What’s managed?
3. unPSA – Whose business is it anyway?
4. Derrivatives – Who does the IT work?
5. Ultimately, who pays the bill?

I’m also not putting this out for your enjoyment like some disgruntled English major that couldn’t get a real press job. I have a lot of money riding on me being right about things and the reason I’m right more often than not is because I have thousands of you offering me insight and different points of view that help me improve what I do.

But tomorrow, at noon, even more is on the line. It’s the biggest webinar I’ve ever done:

Shockey Monkey Reloaded

Thursday, December 1st, Noon EST (max 1000 seats; will be recorded)

It’s also a big bet on the future of IT. It’s a huge bet on the future of my company.

Right now, we (as in solution providers and their vendors) don’t have an upper hand in the marketplace. We sure as hell don’t have the marketing budgets and sales staff headcount that the big boys do. We also lack resources, economies of scale, farms and farms of slave labor in third world countries, tools and plenty of other excuses.

What we do have is flexibility and the size. There are way more of us than them and we can move faster when there is an opportunity.

Join me tomorrow, regardless of what PSA or CRM or stack of papers you use.

I promise you one thing, after you hear me out… I will be your best friend. The single greatest thing about Shockey Monkey is just one word… and I hope you like it when you hear it, I know I do!