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40oz of Determination

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Over the past few years I’ve dedicated much of my words on Vladville towards calling out the BS I saw as a threat to many people I do business with. As with all fraud, it all comes apart given the … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi AirPlay Enabled Speakers

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Raspberry Pi is an awesome little single board computer – and it’s cheapness (under $50 with power, wifi, case, sdcard) and extensibility is making it a favorite for hobbyists that are doing all sorts of awesome things with it. In … Continue reading

What’s worse than being poor?

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As some of you know, I graduated from the University of Florida and contribute a bit of $ to their general scholarship fund on a frequent basis. I was fortunate enough to get a free ride thanks to the people … Continue reading

Scaling Back

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I’ve hinted about this on the blog over the past few months.. but the news is that I’ve completed my scaling back/out of the day-to-day operations at ExchangeDefender. I’m still the CEO, still the owner, still here almost every day … Continue reading

How entrepreneurs fail into operations managers

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Enjoying my vacation.. Been out for a few weeks now thinking about random stuff but mostly just trying to keep myself from planning to so something. And it got me thinking about one of the key qualities you need to … Continue reading

What’s on my mind lately..

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It’s been about a month since I last blogged so here is an attempt to catch up by covering some of the stuff I’ve been reading and some of the things I’ve been discussing with my partners on the phone. … Continue reading

Internal Monologue On Compromises

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Porsche 911 is not just the longest running production vehicle, it’s also one that thrives in it’s niche as a flexible sports car and a versatile daily driver. In continuous production since 1963, this car continues to improve every year … Continue reading

Yes, I’m alive

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Sorry I haven’t had the energy to post anything on Vladville. I’m OK, everything is OK, life is good, etc. I’ll be posting new stuff this week. If you really must know, I’ve been really depressed for the past two … Continue reading

I need help with the remote control

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I really could use some help here friends: I need a friendly remote desktop sharing component to integrate with our support solution, a of sorts, that works on Windows and iOS. Not Java based. We are currently using a … Continue reading

Really who cares?

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Perception is an interesting thing. In 2009, when I went to my record 41 events, we were everywhere and connected with everybody. Yet we barely scratched larger accounts or managed extreme levels of profitability. At the time, it was important … Continue reading