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I need help with the remote control

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I really could use some help here friends: I need a friendly remote desktop sharing component to integrate with our support solution, a of sorts, that works on Windows and iOS. Not Java based. We are currently using a … Continue reading

Really who cares?

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Perception is an interesting thing. In 2009, when I went to my record 41 events, we were everywhere and connected with everybody. Yet we barely scratched larger accounts or managed extreme levels of profitability. At the time, it was important … Continue reading

How can I maintain $49/month MSP workstation fee

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I love you guys. I spend most of my day working with people around the world and sometimes I get business model pitches that sound so good that I have to stop for a second to consider how many years … Continue reading

Live or Lose

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I am currently sitting in a movie theater at 3:30PM watching Identity Thief and writing this blog post. I am able to peal out of the office for 90 minutes because I worked until 1AM and the fun resumed at … Continue reading

What is it you’d say you do around here?

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One of the best parts of my gig is hanging around and talking to entrepreneurs and small businesses. ExchangeDefender does business worldwide with all sorts of organizations, I’ve been lucky to travel the world with it, and small business is … Continue reading

Help me Vlad, I can’t make money in the cloud

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Recently they let me escape the office and go abroad to a trade show where I got to interact with the indigenous population and hear about their problems and challenges. For the billionth time on Vladville: what your clients are … Continue reading

What I’d really like to say..

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Pretty much the only downside to running a business is the sense of responsibility you have to your staff and to your clients. It sucks to fail because when we fail it’s not just something we get to deal with … Continue reading

Distrusted Cloud Processor Agreement

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We’re all familiar with the nirvana of the Trusted IT Advisor. In an effort to leap over the Grand Canyon that is the legal liability of a solution MSPs don’t manage, many are trying to find ways around it.. Terms … Continue reading


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Over the past few months I have had discussions with many of you as the race to the cloud picks up pace. This post is not so much about the cloud as it is about encouraging you to manage your … Continue reading


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The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. So yes, I’m alive. I’ve been buried in financials and project planning as we both have some huge announcements this fall as well as stuff that will come down early next year. … Continue reading