I need help with the remote control

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I really could use some help here friends: I need a friendly remote desktop sharing component to integrate with our support solution, a join.me of sorts, that works on Windows and iOS. Not Java based.

We are currently using a proprietary ActiveX control that deploys a VNC server on the target system and only allows connections to our repeater server in the cloud. The support guy can request a session, target machine picks up the request and through the repeater VNC infrastructure opens a remote view and control session between the two.

We have successfully used this in the Unicorn but with some of the new stuff (and frankly, with the rapid demise of the RMM companies) we’d like to expand the portfolio and create a freebie remote tool that we can just give away to our partners. We’re good on Windows though I’m open to alternatives – I got nothing as far as the Mac goes which I’d love to have and mobile of course is a crapshoot.

If you know of such a solution – or if you’re willing to license yours without a per-user model since we will have no accounting – please contact me at vlad@vladville.com