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Angry Vladendar

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In the few spare minutes a day I get to think about something other than work I like to think about all the business ideas I could pursue if I wasn’t successful. One of them would be a “realist” calendar … Continue reading


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I don’t often write about my personal life on Facebook, I don’t think anyone cares and quite honestly it’s not that exciting at all. I am making an exception today because I do not want anyone to have to go … Continue reading

If you want to see us, call us anytime

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I’ve had this on my mind for a while and seeing how it’s the time of the year for trade show sales I figured I’d write one post both and lay out my opinion for the event sales and the … Continue reading

Opposing Business Models or Solution Variety?

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MSPs and IT Solution Providers have an inherent business model flaw: They can’t compete on both price and performance at the same time. Your solution cannot simultaneously be the best and the cheapest because the cheapest is always getting cheaper … Continue reading

Varvid Venue

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I don’t typically do product endorsements, mostly because I haven’t figured out how to take money for it. But every now and then someone in our industry addresses a critical need that is also accompanied by good people and good … Continue reading

On the road again..

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Getting back on the road this week, look forward to hanging out with our partners for a while. Here is my schedule: Monday – Wednesday, xChange with Travis in Los Angeles. Friday – Saturday, CharTec with Shannon in Bakersfield. Tuesday … Continue reading

On the road again… with Karl


Ok, so first… if it’s before 1 PM EST on Wednesday, go here. Now! Free stuff!!!! If it’s past 1PM you’ve missed it but Karl does a good job of archiving a posting these free podcasts on his web site. … Continue reading