On the road again… with Karl


Ok, so first… if it’s before 1 PM EST on Wednesday, go here. Now! Free stuff!!!!

If it’s past 1PM you’ve missed it but Karl does a good job of archiving a posting these free podcasts on his web site. If you haven’t signed up for his mailing list you are probably not aware of all the work the Palachuk Brothers Books & Oil Emporium have been up to – but you probably should be. Karl has been talking about his migration process for years… and through some deal with IOU’s and State of California bills, Karl got a large section of the Yosemite National Park. Few phone calls with “Chainsaw Erick” from MSPU, long story short, the big forest got chopped down for 18,000 page, 16 volume zero downtime migration pack.

Karl is holding events around zero downtime migration and yours truly is tagging along. The first event is on September 23rd in Chicago. It’s $50/person, limited to first 50 folks at Marriott O’Hare from 6 PM to 9 PM. You really, really, really need this training and if you work with us we’ll find a way to cover the cost of it for you (open support request, tell them Vlad sent you, etc)

Look forward to seeing everyone out on the road, download the podcast and see if you’re an expert – if you’re not, $50 sounds like a good investment.

P.S. I am legally required to say smbbooks.com so Karl will keep on showing up for the SPAM Show 🙂

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