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Basic Math & Bad Business Decisions

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Being bad at math and making bad business decisions goes hand in hand. Sometimes we make bad decisions because we don’t know all the cost factors, replacement costs, unforeseen expenses and so on. Can’t do much about that. But sometimes … Continue reading

WordPress 2.3.2 patches a security issue


Of note for us WordPress fans is the release of WordPress 2.3.2, urgent release fixing a bug that can reveal the contents of your draft posts and database table structure. Upgrading WordPress tends to be very simple – just grab … Continue reading

Making blogs look better on Windows Mobile

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As I continue to tweak Vladville to fit in better with the upcoming Thieving Weasel framework, I decided to put in a little bit of work to make Vladville easier to navigate on Windows Mobile devices. Pulling up Vladville on … Continue reading

How do I come up with blog post topics?


One of the most frequent questions I get from new bloggers has to do with the concept of developing topics and stories. How do I come up with blog topics? What should I blog about? What makes a good post? … Continue reading

WordPress without WordPress

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WordPress is one monster of a platform, and hacking it is probably as much fun as you can have with a web page without writing actual code. Unfortunately, that little convenience tends to bring out a lot of “Bubba the … Continue reading

Howto: WordPress AJAX Newsletter Subscription with jQuery

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Today I took the first steps towards publishing my newsletter and that of course means putting up a signup form. This is a dreadful, backwards process of creating a new template page, building a form, a processing script and then … Continue reading

WordPress Trackback SPAM Annoyances


One of the worst things in blogging (aside from the constant, unrelenting abuse and hate mail you subject yourself to) is dealing with SPAM. Here you are just talking openly about whatever and someone tries to make money off of … Continue reading

Dear Vladville Spammers: Suck it

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After deleting the billionth trackback spam from Vladville I figured it was time to do what I do best, wack lines of code until something happens. Thanks to Aksimet and Spam Karma 2 I don’t have a lot of comment … Continue reading

Stopping WordPress Trackback SPAM


Spamming is a hard job. Spamming blogs is even harder. I’ll save you the colorful description of what I think of the people that do this, and as of late a particular site ( has been a big thorn in … Continue reading

Hacking WordPress: Comma Delimited Categories & Other Space Wasters


The biggest problem not just with WordPress but any blog is the eternal vertical list. Bloggers use lists of all kinds to fill up their blog and often abuse lists to show connections, interests and affiliations their posts do not. … Continue reading