WordPress 2.3.2 patches a security issue


Of note for us WordPress fans is the release of WordPress 2.3.2, urgent release fixing a bug that can reveal the contents of your draft posts and database table structure.

Upgrading WordPress tends to be very simple – just grab the .zip file and uncompress it – upload everything except wp-content directory and wp-config.php file and hit /wp-admin to update the database. Thats all there is to it.

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  2. vlad says:


    Go under Plugins, Activate WP Database Backup plugin. Then go under Manage > Backup.

    You can even scedule it to do a backup annually.


  3. vlad says:

    Not “annually”, “automatically” – sorry, doing some reporting today and annual is stuck in my head 🙂

    You can schedule it to send you database backups via email automatically. Although OWN will do the backups of the DB for you automatically.


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