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The Millennial Bust

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Disclaimer: This is not a post about politics. I am not attempting to convince you to vote for one candidate or issue over another. Nor do I want this to be seen as a criticism of a candidate – this … Continue reading


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I don’t often write about my personal life on Facebook, I don’t think anyone cares and quite honestly it’s not that exciting at all. I am making an exception today because I do not want anyone to have to go … Continue reading


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Over the years my company has managed to keep it’s most gifted, albeit at times difficult, talent while most of the bad hires fell off the bus rather easily without too much pushing. I firmly believe that it’s employees that … Continue reading

Duke Nukem.. Forever

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In development for over a decade. You don’t really need to say much more than that. Duke Nukem 3D was the culmination of the generation that grew up on Rick Dangerous, Commander Keen, Doom, Quake… and eventually got to play … Continue reading

America, F Yeah!

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This is not a post about religion or politics. If you disagree with my opinion please keep it to yourself, I will delete any comment relating to a flame war that typically comes out of anything that touches someone’s religious … Continue reading

Ironman Update

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I’m 62 days into my work non-stop Ironman quarter. I’ve got 28 left. I wanted to offer a bit of an update since so many of you are following and asking how it’s going. On the bright side, I’ve never … Continue reading

Dead On

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Reading over Arlin’s thoughts on VAR sales. If you’re a VAR, you need to read it. This is where the title has a double meaning. Not only is he right, but the VARs and IT Solution Providers that don’t move … Continue reading

Staffing, Foxconn & Henry Ford

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(this is not a motivational post that will be featured at monster / careerbuilder) We’re at the start of the biggest hiring spree we’ve ever had. OWN is launching upgrades to all the existing product lines next quarter and introducing … Continue reading


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(This has nothing to do with IT or business) Happy Monday! In most places, saying the above will get you punched. Today is going to suck. You’re going from what you like to doing what you need to, theological objections … Continue reading

Importance of continuity, and why it doesn’t exist

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I’ve been reading a massive amount of coverage about Yahoo shutting down Buzz (competition to, AltaVista / AllTheWeb (competition to and There is far, far more coverage and opinions presented over at I don’t really want … Continue reading