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(This has nothing to do with IT or business)

Happy Monday!

In most places, saying the above will get you punched. Today is going to suck. You’re going from what you like to doing what you need to, theological objections aside: it’s your purpose. And once upon a time when you first got your job or started your company, you were excited, euphoric, content and looked forward to it.

Then the reality that everything good comes with a little bit of bad snaked in and now you have a choice:

Dwell on the stuff that you don’t like.. or crush it first and get to stuff that you do like.

If you dwell on the stuff you don’t like, I promise, it won’t go away. If the stuff that sucks about Monday isn’t done today, then Tuesday will suck, too. But Tuesday will suck worse than Monday, Wednesday worse than Tuesday and by Thursday you’ll be counting down the minutes till Friday and your freedom. Would you live in a prison for five days so you can have two days of fun?

Happy Monday: Yes, really. Write down the crap that is pissing you off and take care of that first. The faster you get to your happy place, the shorter the prison sentence doing stuff that you hate.

Whether today sucks or not is entirely up to you. So what’s it gonna be?

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