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Opposing Business Models or Solution Variety?

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MSPs and IT Solution Providers have an inherent business model flaw: They can’t compete on both price and performance at the same time. Your solution cannot simultaneously be the best and the cheapest because the cheapest is always getting cheaper … Continue reading

The Importance of Vendor Relationships

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It’s important to work closely with the people to deliver a solution end to end. Most people only show initiative in a destructive way: posting negative feedback to Twitter, groups and anyone that will listen to their hardships. Few people … Continue reading

Ironman Comeback 1.1.11

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As some of you may know, I have been out of day-to-day operations of OWN during the last two months welcoming a beautiful new baby boy, Sam Mazek, to our family. Today, I officially come back full time (and then … Continue reading

My god Vlad, what did you do? (Part 2)

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Yesterday I held a big webcast to announce our big plans for 2011. To say it went well is an understatement. But in January we start offering all of these services and I want to make sure we are completely … Continue reading

My god Vlad, what did you do?

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Earlier today I held our final webcast of 2010 – in no small way it’s the biggest, most ambitious thing we’ve ever done. And we’ve spent entire 2010 to bring our organization and our relationships to the level to actually … Continue reading

Our Biggest Show Of The Year

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On Tuesday, I will be presenting our roadmap for 2011. It’s basically the biggest show of the year. Last year we used it to launch ExchangeDefender 5. This year, we are announcing our new business plans. First of all, a … Continue reading

Councils, Announcements, Meetings

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It’s going to be a busy quarter for us so I wanted to make some of these announcements personally and provide some background on them all. ConnectWise / HTG / CharTec Conference Next week we are sponsoring the cluster of … Continue reading

We’re going direct!

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I knew it! That hairy mother@#% sold us this @#% and now he is going to f@#% like everyone else. @#% him and his cars and his #@% services that are more down than up and… Now that we’ve got … Continue reading

Black & White


Generalizations are fun. Naturally, people tend to object when you say things like “all” or “every” or “none” but in (small) business you’re often growing on the back of someone elses marketing agenda that is moving the overall direction of … Continue reading

The Three Miracles

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Yesterday I observed three things which on their own would amount to a miracle – and I feel compelled to share it with you. Like any other business, we have our ups and our downs, but to see how much … Continue reading