Ironman Comeback 1.1.11

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As some of you may know, I have been out of day-to-day operations of OWN during the last two months welcoming a beautiful new baby boy, Sam Mazek, to our family.

Today, I officially come back full time (and then some).

Now here is the really cool part: We’ve already announced what our gameplan for 2011 is going to be. Messaging: easy, cheap, managed, any way you want it we got it.

We’re going to make a lot of people a lot of money.

My part? Starting today, I will be working the next 90 days straight.

No weekends off.

No events / shows / road trips / seminars.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this. As many of you may be able to relate, running a small business is rough. You’ve got one or two good products and you’re trying to groom the rest and get them to catch up. I’ve spent a lot of time on ExchangeDefender, a lot of time on Shockey Monkey and a ton of time organizationally building up the bits and pieces like training, perfecting the partner program, perfecting our process and execution. Now I can count lines of business on both hands and the most exciting part – in 2011 I get to hook them all up together and deliver them in one complete package.

I.. am.. pumped.

Write. This.. Down… (407) 536-VLAD. I expect you to call me. I am focusing 100% of my efforts on executing the plan we’ve announced and I’ve got an agenda to roll behind ExchangeDefender too. I’m calling it ExchangeDefender 500 but more on that in a bit.

Happy New Year! Now let’s get to work!