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Social Media Image Management

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I’ve made somewhat of a lucrative career making fun of self proclaimed experts in our industry who only seem to excel at not going to work and not being able to keep a job. Perhaps the two are connected somehow? … Continue reading

If you spell checked this maybe people would take Vladville more seriously

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From the fanmail: Hi Vlad, I hope you read this in a positive light. I love your blog and you have a lot of insight that isn’t available anywhere else. You’re obviously a smart guy so why not proof read … Continue reading

Dear Vlad, where is my audience?

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Please feel free to drop me an email at if something I write here ever strikes your interest and you feel further exploration would help others. I’ll take them from time to time and write longer pieces. Relatively influential … Continue reading

How come nobody reads my blog?

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Every now and then I get random strangers asking me why nobody reads their blog. My first question is usually “who are you?” followed by going to their blog. Started in 1996, updated on Jun 3rd 2003, April 5th 2005 … Continue reading