If you spell checked this maybe people would take Vladville more seriously

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From the fanmail:

Hi Vlad,

I hope you read this in a positive light.

I love your blog and you have a lot of insight that isn’t available anywhere else. You’re obviously a smart guy so why not proof read things before they get published or have someone check them for you? I think a lot of your thought provoking work would get significantly more consideration if it was written more professionally.

Dear Fan,

Perspective is Everything


I do not proofread, I do not spell check and unless Bill Gates puts the red squiggly line underneath the word as I’m typing it, I don’t even blink.

Sometimes as I’m writing, the bottom of my thumb slips down onto my trackpad and I start typing stuff in the middle of the paragraph above the one I’m currently writing. Sometimes I correct it, sometimes I keep it in there as a part of my insanity plea just in case I ever get sued for libel.

But why, why Vlad? Why not proofread? It’s simple. Part of the charm, part of the appeal, part of the attraction is that the thoughts offered here are as profoundly honest as I would be if you bought me a few drinks. This is perhaps why so many people read it and self identify themselves in my writing – it touches the nerve that only direct stuff typically does.

If I were to spell check that, consider the sentence structure, format my posting to meet any particular agenda or cover my ass on the oft chance that I’d offend someone.. I’d be doing this all day and I’d never publish a single post because anything you say will be offensive to someone. If I were to cut out all the potentially offensive and “unprofessional” content this blog would be left with .com. Plus, I have no respect for people that are only professional to my face and turn into little bitches a second later, we all get pushed out of middle school for a reason.

There are tons and tons of blogs in the IT space… and nobody reads most of those past the headline.

Reading a channel blog about industry development from someone who has never participated materially in the industry is the equivalent of reading the organic chemistry college textbook for fun. I don’t write headlines as a means to sell advertising, I don’t write for people that don’t want to read and frankly, I do not see a professional angle as being something that will ever come to Vladville (not in a sense of ad sales, not in a sense of whoring myself on the conference speaking circuit, not in a sense of having this stuff published, etc). Others have that as the agenda and I wish them the best of luck, many of them are my friends, it’s just not for me.

Like I mentioned yesterday, there comes a time where you seriously have to ask yourself what you stand for and what you actually believe. If you’re OK swallowing the lies, dishonesty, deceitful behavior and obvious manipulation just because it’s wrapped in a pretty wrapper with a good Christian bible quote next to it then by all means, go for it. But there is a difference between doing something good and pretending you’re a good guy. If I have to take Vladville and dress it up into something just to get attention, frankly, I’ve failed.

So thanks for reading Vladville, hope you like it and hope you have a great weekend. And if not, that’s cool too, go fuck yourself.



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