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PHP 7.1 with Apache on CentOS 7.x

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Back in the long long ago you could roll out LAMP with a single yum command. In 2017, distro game has hardly kept up with the evolution in PHP and still comes with PHP 5.4 – to go to 7 … Continue reading

Firefox 3 Download Day

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Firefox 3.0 is being released today and the folks over at Mozilla want to set a Guinness Book World Record for most downloads! So aside from being a fantastic browser you also get to be a part of history! Check … Continue reading

Firefox 3.0 RC1 is out!

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I’m generally not a fan of beta testing browsers because its hard enough to get reliable rendering even on solid releases but Firefox is worth making an exception for. Today the Mozilla Foundation released Firefox Release Candidate 1 and the … Continue reading

Load Balancer Fun

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I really don’t like talking smack about my competitors both because I know how difficult of a task we all have always being a step behind spammers and I choose to put my energy into building our own products. After … Continue reading

Howto: Speeding up AJAX web applications with htaccess and mod_expires

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After the millionth time of watching my mobile phone choking on loading quarter meg of Javascript of Shockey Monkey’s new mobile rich interface I finally remembered the pain while searching for my lost Blackjack earlier this afternoon. Not only did … Continue reading

Compiz and Beryl Merge

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Perhaps one of the best developments in the Linux GUI world in quite some time, two of the biggest projects that bring eye-candy to Linux are getting together! If you’ve never seen Beryl in action just search YouTube for it, it … Continue reading

Fun with Fsync & Bind Mounts

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The answer to “Why don’t you blog about your work Vlad” and the final dagger in the back of my female audiences libido: moving sendmail spools to tmpfs. First off, why bother? Well, with the ram being as cheap as it is and … Continue reading

Good intro to MySQL

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Needed to get some air and clear my head.. so I went to the local Linux User Group ( mostly because its one of the few places I can go to without looking like a human being. No shaving, no … Continue reading

Which Office is Cheaper?

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Untitled document The free one or the commercial one? Alright, so it's a trick question but a fairly legitimate one as Microsoft continues to wage a war against piracy. Let's for a second assume that the person running a pirated … Continue reading

Oh sweet RSS Irony

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So I'm going through my local Linux user group mailing list and a thread with the subject "[GoLugTech] Is this do-able in linux?" pops up. Alright, I'm intrigued if something can be done with Linux, what do you need? Are … Continue reading