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Needed to get some air and clear my head.. so I went to the local Linux User Group ( mostly because its one of the few places I can go to without looking like a human being. No shaving, no haircut, no problem – dirty jeans and “I read your email shirt” and I’m out the door.

Kevin Korb presented a very nice introduction to MySQL and SQL in general. He has a writeup here. Take a look at it, the paper is a pretty comprehensive description of the basics to get you started. MySQL is a powerful SQL server and yes, it runs on Windows too. Check it out.

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  1. Vijay Riyait says:

    There’s a growing choice of good free or Open Souce databases, depending on what you want to do and what you want to integrate with, perhaps you just want to learn. Here are some in addition to MySQL

    Postgresql – Linux/Windows (Open Source)
    Cloudscape – Java DB (IBM) (Open Source)
    SQL Express – Good ol Microsoft (free)
    DB2-C Express – IBM (free)
    Oracle XE (Express Ed) – Linux/Windows (free)



  2. vlogher911 says:

    We use MySQL all over the place. It has been solid for quite some time but the features that have been added since 3.x mainstream days have really made a big difference. The speed compared to Microsoft SQL Server is incredible bu it does not have all the Microsoft goodness. Given that its free thats a hell of a tradeoff.

  3. Vijay Riyait says:

    One thing to be aware of with MySQL is that if you’re wanting to distribute MySQL with your app and your app is not licensed under the GPL, then you need a commercial license (the devil is always in the detail!).

    They did this a while back which made people to start to look to Postgresql.



  4. NewBostonWebDesign says:

    We use MySQL for everything we do on Windows. It supports ODBC and .NET drivers so short of writing complex stored procedures the database is light and fast enough to make it more suitable for ecommerce than Microsoft SQL Server any day. We use SQL Server for higher end but MySQL scales to run some of the biggest sites on the net so its all about the preference. Our clients tend to prefer MySQL when shown the price difference 🙂

  5. Allen StClair says:

    Why not uninstall IIS and replace it with WinLAMP?

  6. Ian says:

    No .NET in LAMP. MySQL is attractive because it provides a lot of support and flexibility that free (Express) SQL Server does not.

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