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So video is suddenly all the rage. Steven Van Roekel has posted the new SBS R2 movie on his blog and.. well, you just have to see it to believe it. Steven Ballmer as Mona Lisa and Bill Gates as Vitruvian Man. Someone must really have locked down on their MSFT options early on 🙂

View the movie here. 

Enjoy! Thanks to Kevin Lisota for the pointer.

6 Responses to DaSBS Code Video

  1. Julius Ray says:

    Gotta love that pic of Ballmer 🙂 It’s BaLLmer BTW Vlad.

    They really have a good sense of humor about themselves. Loved the spoof.

  2. Any idea when Susan plans to start distributing those cool robes with the green check on the back?

  3. chris rue says:

    anyone got a link to the x-men video from wpc?

  4. Webtech2 says:

    Jesus Christ that is some useless shit. Maybe they could have spared a few thousand dollars on a stupid movie and shipped the product correctly. Or are my priorities just wrong?

  5. vlad says:


    They played this at WWPC long before R2 was recalled so I don’t see the connection between the two.


  6. Russ says:

    Webtech2 – I think you should concentrate on getting that “Darwin Award” you’ve always Dreamed about.

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