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Earlier tonight Katie and I had the pleasure of Erick's company. Even though we've been at the same two conferences already this was the first time we got to sit down and chat about IT, management, business, American history, perfect women and plasma or LCD television. It is very gratifying to be able to sit down, bounce random ideas and get the fresh perspective from people that are on your own level. I always encourage newbies to find someone in similar circumstances and just.. talk. Here is the case for that: even if you think you are brilliant and you have the most proven concept in your head it helps to bounce it off someone and see how it resonates. Ask them to repeat what they just heard from your proposal because I guarantee you it will not be the same thing that just came out of your mouth. In strategizing, evaluating, designing and perfecting whatever you do you have the end goal in mind so you wrap your thinking around it. Getting the other person to see it the same way without understanding the end goal is the biggest part of the challenge.

It's getting harder and harder for me to find people that are at the same level I'm at professionally so I was really glad Erick got a chance to say over an extra day for this. Erick is a partner at Intelligent Enterprise and works on designing, presenting and facilitating training on managed services. So if you're looking to become an MSP you will be seeing and hearing a lot from Erick over the next few months. We shot a quick "deer-in-headlights" interview for Vladfire and we'll have Erick on the SBS Show (which by the way is not dead, we're on the summer vacation).

Just for the alibi above is a pic of us. Can't mistake Florida with all its natural beauty and snowed in frosted carolers.. in 100% humidity and 92 degree temperature in the middle of August. Almost don't feel bad anymore for blowing off Scoble and Amanda for Montana off-grid. That Chris storm spinning in the Caribbean isn't being very helpful either.

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