The Three Miracles

ExchangeDefender, OwnWebNow

Yesterday I observed three things which on their own would amount to a miracle – and I feel compelled to share it with you. Like any other business, we have our ups and our downs, but to see how much better things are doing and how much hard work went into getting us there – to see it pay off and come together – is amazing.

Miracle 1: SMTP resurrection

The more Exchange changes the more it remains shit the more it acts the same. ExchangeDefender is around because we couldn’t keep Exchange 5.5 stable in the 90’s. Now in 2010, with Exchange 2010, we’re still using Linux to keep Exchange breathing. After a seemingly endless list of hardware additions and requests, we moved the edge roles onto Linux and automatically, delays are gone.

Miracle 2: Supportless Support

We launched forums this week. We did it in a relatively low-key way (primary purpose for them is actually to provide support for all the Autotask software we’re writing) and the forum admin (on his second login since launch to tweak categories) noted that people already started supporting one another.

“It’s like a machine that prints money…”  – Check the OWN forums at (p.s. Your login credentials have been emailed to you. If you haven’t received them, request a reminder on the forum login page)

Miracle 3: We all agreed on something.

This thing I can’t actually discuss in the open (legally) but we all agreed on something. That’s somewhat unusual. The nice thing about it is that it takes us to that next level.

Things at OWN are better than they have ever been and in no small part thanks to our partners that understand the value of the partnership and help push us forward all the time. I know things are not always ideal (and at times can even get ugly) but the track record here of what we deliver and what we’ve been able to build is pretty damn amazing.

Now, on to UK. Anyone over there want to help us build an office? 🙂

4 Responses to The Three Miracles

  1. Jules says:

    Hey dude
    Would love to build an office with you 🙂

    …or a datacentre…

    When and where are you in the UK?


  2. Vlad Mazek says:

    We got the data center thing covered, we actually now have more capacity options there than in USA. One in Docklands, one in Maidenhead and LD4 IBX for bridgehead.

    We need some executive space in London, to house 1-3 people within a year I hope. The easiest path would be through Regus considering we have 0 business presence in UK outside of utility and data bills.

    Either way, we’re formulating the plan at this point, while I’d love your opinion I know you’ve got a business to run so no pressure 😉


  3. Jules says:

    LOL – No worries on datacentre fronts, and alas, not being in London I fear I might as well be in another country 🙂

    But if you are on tour, I’d love to come say hello again!

    But Regus does indeed prove the easiest pick up n go option for office spaces that’s for sure!

    So are you going to be employing Monkeys with bad teeth? Or shipping over your own pre-imprinted Monkeys?


  4. Vlad Mazek says:

    We’ll likely ship a local monkey at least to open the offices up and do the recruiting and interviews.

    Afterwards, the hope is to turn it over to indigenous species that can work in their ecosystem.


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