Vlad vs. Double Down


One thing I’ve learned in blogging is: given a large audience, no matter what you say, you will offend someone. Yesterday I posted a hint that we’re opening a UK office and since then I got some hate mail about being un-American and asked how I dare spend money abroad while people here are starving. (the answer is simple: the people abroad buy our services which keep less people that work at OWN in USA from starving). But logic doesn’t work with idiots, so I did what an American idiot would do: I went to KFC. Enjoy:

doubledownFor more information, please see www.kfc.com/doubledown. Somehow they managed to make the grilled one worse than the deep fried version (less cals/fat, more sodium) which in itself deserves a bow. When done watching me eat, hit this blog up: This is why you’re fat .

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