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It’s going to be a busy quarter for us so I wanted to make some of these announcements personally and provide some background on them all.

ConnectWise / HTG / CharTec Conference

Next week we are sponsoring the cluster of conferences happening in Orlando. ExchangeDefender will be as present as ever so stop by our booth, hear about the new stuff we’re doing and get some swag. ExchangeDefender has grown by leaps and bounds in 2010 and we’re adding even more stuff to it.

However, I will not be there in an official capacity. This is mostly personal – I have a second kid on the way and frankly, I like my wife more than you. I know this comes as a crushing defeat to so many balding middle aged men, but.. yeah.. awkward. But! I will be there if anyone wants to meet with me. Just fill out this survey:

Meet Vlad:

With the exception of Wednesday, I can make a trip down at any time since the hotel is about 15 minutes from where I live.

ExchangeDefender Rebranding

As we keep on growing and doing more and more to make our friends successful, promoting the Own Web Now business is becoming difficult with so many different brands. Most people can’t reconcile the fact that we do so much stuff in the cloud yet still provide so much on-premise service (Microsoft has the same problem).

So we’re considering rebranding it. If you have a moment, please fill this out.

Shockey Monkey

I don’t know what I was thinking about when I figured out the business model for Shockey Monkey but at this point it has turned into a beast. It is far bigger than we thought and the amount of excitement for the product is beyond anything I ever expected.

I have paid a lot of attention to the feedback, to the requests and to the need that the marketplace has for the unPSA solution. I hear you. You need to see this:

Shockey Monkey’s Big Webcast Announcement & Developments

Join the Shockey Monkey webinar next Wednesday at 11:30 AM. It will only take about 30 minutes:

It’s only the biggest Shockey Monkey announcement since it launched.

So in conclusion: let me know if you want to meet, fill out the ExchangeDefender survey, sign up for the Shockey Monkey webcast and wish me luck Smile