Black & White


Generalizations are fun. Naturally, people tend to object when you say things like “all” or “every” or “none” but in (small) business you’re often growing on the back of someone elses marketing agenda that is moving the overall direction of computing.

To the cloud.

No, not everyone will go to the cloud. But as more people do, and that becomes the trend, you will not be able to survive with the traditional business model because when the line of customers you are able to reach starts to thin, so will your margins, business, etc. For all intents and purposes, everyone that is not your client and goes to the cloud which may be against your current business model is everyone.

A while ago someone commented on my blog that “(you) forgot to let HP know that they’ll be out of a job soon.”

Well, turns out they are. HP to slash 9,000 jobs and take a $1 billion dollar hit to do so.

Let me dumb that down for you. They are willing to pay a part of $1 billion to get rid of 9,000 jobs because the role of traditional “IT” (ie: monkey) is not worth having around.

You can stick your head in the sand and pretend that people will never get rid of their fax machine SBS server, or your company can become their next SBS Server. It really just takes a few simple steps

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