What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans

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Unless your friends all have cameras and camcorders.

Once again, I find my mortality at the hands of the New Orleans Hurricane. I am not sure when I will learn that whenever Europeans and Australians agree on a drinking game, it is not safe to participate. Good god. Anyhow, here is the final sequence in my evening:


Now as foolish as that looks…. Try to imagine what prompted the following video closing sequence, which in all good taste, I can’t post in its entirety.

Best… conference… ever. And when people with funny accents approach you and propose shots while swirling poprocks.. Don’t do it.

P.S. In case you’re wondering where pictures and detailed videos of Aussies, Dave Sobel, Mark Crall, Nancy Williams, Jeff Middleton, Andy, Frank, Karl, etc are – keep in mind that I am showing you the only clean/non-incriminating stuff. Use your imagination. Hint: Pat O’Briens, fan, bachelorette party, girl friend getting a hot girl to pose with your “gay” friends and the reaction when she finds out they aren’t gay, just old + drunk + deaf… I don’t think I’ve had this much  fun in a long, long time. Thank you NOLA.

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