We’re going direct!

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I knew it! That hairy mother@#% sold us this @#% and now he is going to f@#% like everyone else. @#% him and his cars and his #@% services that are more down than up and…

Now that we’ve got that out of our system, here is what we’re actually doing: We’re going to do a direct push through our partners and train our partners how to position, market, sell, support and manage cloud services to make a higher profit margin than they did managing servers.

The cloud book is a major part of it. I have two more chapters to crank out, have it edited, published, hopefully out in time for ConnectWise or Thanksgiving.

Shockey Monkey is a core part of it, even if you use another PSA. If you haven’t signed up for the free one yet, shame on you. Want to know why it’s such a big deal? Read this.

We’re bringing a lot of friends along. Sign up for the 2-part webinar we’re doing with CharTec over the next two weeks, cloud moves a lot of stuff along with it and you need to focus on building a solution!

We’ll show you how it’s done. Over the next two weeks we’ll be teaming up with some of our partners to do direct presentations at our partners events. Let us show your clients what they get with the cloud, what they need to be concerned about and how to make that decision.

We started dropping this bomb through the HTG newsletter (peer group thing that we sponsor) because it’s members helped us build all of this stuff – from the monkey to the book to the events. It took OWN nearly two years to straighten out all the mess with billing, realign and even rewrite some of the services, figure out how the most profitable partners are doing it and now show our other partners what they need to do.

So stay tuned. Give me a call. This isn’t something that we’re going to put out in a neat little packet for everyone to ignore, we’re doing this thing one on one.

The agenda is to show people how our partners are consistently making more than 100% profit margin on moving hardware and cloud solutions as a part of the office no longer being contained in four walls.

We’ve accomplished every financial and software project we’ve hoped to have done for 2010 over a quarter ahead of time. Now we start executing our 2011 plan a quarter early – want to be ahead of the market? My cell phone is very public, feel free to call and track me down.