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On Medical Leave Till 2011

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Effective November 1st (past Monday) I have been on medical leave from Own Web Now. During my absence a whole slew of people will be taking over my role as well as my Inbox so please be careful what you … Continue reading

You gotta love the crust

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Rambling ahead; nothing worthwhile to see here. This weekend I did something that I rarely, if ever do. Certainly never on my own. Before I describe to you what the past 2 days were like, allow me to describe the … Continue reading

Optimistic Idiots vs. Pessimistic Workaholics

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I remember in the long, long ago, in a data center far away, not wanting to make a network change because I was too busy dealing with other stuff. The DC owner basically said something (that I wish he was … Continue reading

Don’t let others make you feel bad for being remarkable

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Note: This is a bit philosophical with some motivational Vlad sprinkles. Perhaps it’s a collosal waste of your time and bandwidth but I hope it helps some of you find motivation and inspiration that what you’re doing is indeed right … Continue reading