Saying Goodbye to 2007

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Just one more business day left to go and I can breathe another sigh of relief that we’ve made it out of 2007. Businesswise, 2007 was as phenomenal of a year as it was frustrating. Every month was the record month on the books, both in terms of year over year and all-time totals in terms of months. That is nothing short of spectacular, and I think it speaks volumes over how we’re positioned against our competitors in nearly all core areas of the business: ExchangeDefender, Virtual Services, Hosting, Data Center Ops, Offsite backups…

It was a frustrating year at times as well, dealing with the growing pains, complexity, new relationships, negative feedback, product delays. I kind of have no way not to take some of these personally because of the level of effort and involvement I have in my business as open as I am and as easy to find as I am to find, sometimes it gets to me that people are not able to bring things to my direct attention. But that brief bit of doom and gloom really helped me figure out just what my role within Own Web Now really needs to be and has absolutely re-energized me over the past few months.

January tends to be the slowest time of the year so we’ll be mostly on the skeleton crew as everyone retrains on Windows 2008 and we hammer out our product offerings and pricing for the rest of  2008. Lot’s of new and exciting things are coming out and I’ve got to say that 2008 looks better than any other year on record and man am I looking forward to it.

So here is to 2007, I hope you too are excited about what 2008 brings to you.

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