On the road again..

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Getting back on the road this week, look forward to hanging out with our partners for a while. Here is my schedule:

Monday – Wednesday, xChange with Travis in Los Angeles.

Friday – Saturday, CharTec with Shannon in Bakersfield.

Tuesday – Friday, MSPU with Shannon and Stephanie in Dallas.

What a difference a year makes..

In the past, I had a nearly insane fascination with control and going on the road basically guaranteed that you would have no chance of getting in touch with me. Now that I’ve let go a bit (ok, a lot) the road trips are a lot more about relationships than products and features… and since I’m not pinned between the office and the phone all day in meetings and webcasts, if you need something or have been waiting on something this is a great time to ping me again.

You know where to find me, if you’re heading to the events above please let me know.

P.S. Everyone keeps on asking about “the feature” being added to ExchangeDefender this month. After we dropped version numbers from ExchangeDefender I promised that each month would come with a really key feature you can take to the bank (ie, take to the client and open a conversation that can bring you more money). This is something we’re intentionally keeping under wraps and don’t offer any roadmap/insight to because we have several things being developed at a time and those of you that have been (un)fortunate to be ExchangeDefender users in the past are well aware of the quality control issues – so now without the pressure of deadlines and “next release” I am no longer stressing my folks – but I demand perfection. So when the next big piece is ready it goes to the top of the newsletter and to your inbox. 🙂 So chill folks, we’re growing like crazy here and of course it’s going right back to adding to the product and improving the service.