How can I maintain $49/month MSP workstation fee

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dellcheapI love you guys. I spend most of my day working with people around the world and sometimes I get business model pitches that sound so good that I have to stop for a second to consider how many years you’d spend in jail if you actually pulled it off.

Lot’s of MSPs are getting crunched by the cloud services.

Want to maintain your $49/month/workstation?

Got cheap clients who don’t want to buy new PCs?

Disappointed with the creeping cost of MSP software?

Here is a tip: Give them the new PC/tablet for free.

Average selling price for a decent i3-i5 laptop is ~$350 upwards to ~$500. On a 3 year contract that about $10/month. Want Office with that? Add another $8. Exchange, SharePoint? I got you for that. The other $29/month? Pure profit just for hooking it all up.

Don’t like PCs? The clients don’t need them? Fine, iPads are $300-$600 – Android and Windows are around the same price. PC’s too.

Point is: Hardware is damn near free.

Want to keep your revenues and make the clients sticky: Give the hardware away for free.

Charge for services.

The end. If this isn’t clear enough and you’re running out of fingers to keep up with the math, take a look at this webinar from ExchangeDefender. Then give me a call.

Or you can just sit on your ass and let Dell and Google do that for you. 

P.S. May require GoToWebinar codec.