It’s been a minute…

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Hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since I retired and nearly 3 years since I logged out of most socials & blogs. While I’ve really been enjoying the peace and quiet, I find myself in a similar predicament as when I started this blog: Everyone I hang out wants to know about the same stuff and I keep on having the same conversation over and over: AI.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an AI bro nor do I have the set of promps/process to sell you to make extra cash. Nor am I about to post 3,000 Midjourney images. That aspect of the AI in our media (along with endless doom & gloom) is on the same level as popups that tell you MILFs in your area are looking for you – you know better than to bite that clickbait.

The technology around AI is getting more and more impressive by the day. I’ve been playing with it for the past few months and it truly feels like back when Google came out and suddenly there was a new group of superhumans that were good at writing Google search queries that got the right data.

Well, it’s 2023. That data query now has a batch process, memory, agents, state, queueing and it get’s infinitely more complex and cool from there.

The potential AI has to make us more productive, more resourceful and more knowledgeable is enormous.

And since that’s what everyone everywhere wants to talk about, I figured I’d get back to Vladville and keep notes here as I learn. Most people I hang out with aren’t CS nerds but they still have business challenges that AI could address in fun new ways so I look forward to playing with different use cases and posting my notes/ideas on here.

I hope you find them useful and they inspire you to go tinker with this AI stuff on your own.

Love, -Vlad.