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Last Thursday (December 1st) we officially took the wraps off the Shockey Monkey Reloaded project, with nearly a year under development we believe we’ve built the best possible mix of features, simplicity and business model mix to help propel our partners forward and help you win more deals and more billable time.

Now I’m not going to say how many times I’ve gone to the bathroom the morning of the webcast but I’ll be honest in saying that I lost count. It was by far the most nerve wrecking experience on my professional life. The feedback has been tremendously positive. I know we’ve got a killer thing on our hands and I am so immensely grateful that I have no words for it. So I’ll stop my emo crap here. All I ask is that you take the following survey if you saw the presentation and let me know what you thought:

Shockey Monkey Reloaded Survey

It will take you a minute, tops.

If you take an hour or so to go through the 10,000+ words I’ve written on this subject during the past two weeks, you know my opinion of where we are and where the SMB IT space is going. The best and most profitable days are ahead of those that think smart, move fast and consider the future instead of the past. Our industry has had to battle so hard because being “an IT guy” was so simple anyone could do it – and nearly everyone did. Now that there are some real challenges, things will be great for those that are serious about IT. And I believe that Shockey Monkey will be a core part of that solution. Yes, even if you use Autotask or ConnectWise or anything else for that matter, Shockey Monkey will be a big part of your future.

The Next Few Weeks

Shockey Monkey Reloaded upgrades have been rolling out all weekend and will be completed sometime tomorrow.

Once your portal is upgraded to Reloaded you will receive an email from the system. Get on it right away, we’re offering free Phone and Email support during this stage so now is the time to get excited.

We are spending the entire week doing bugfixes and working with you directly on any issues you find. That’s the top priority – only priority.

December 12-16, Documentation week. The whole team will be working on the upgrades to the site, whitepapers, marketing and new welcome paperwork. We’ll also make time for one-on-one.

December 19-30, we hit the ExchangeDefender partner base. Everyone will have Shockey Monkey created and linked back to our infrastructure.

January 1st – we rock and roll.

Announcements, Discussions, Opinions

Note that I haven’t linked to the webinar recording, nor am I talking about anything specific that has been covered in last weeks webinar.

If you were there, you know why! Smile 

What we announced is no joke, this is the biggest thing we’ve ever done and we’re going to do it right.

Thank you all for your feedback, your emails, for following this blog and chatting with me. All of those lessons, put to work, is what brought together Shockey Monkey. I look forward to 2012 being the year where it becomes the defacto platform of the SMB IT space, no lie, I expect every single one of you to use it no matter where the heck you are. And yes, in Q1 we’ll have internationalization and Monkey will speak French and Deutsch.

Update: Monday 7:58 AM EST: In case you attempted to sign up for Shockey Monkey you were greeted with the note that signups are currently closed. This is true, we will resume signups once everyone has been upgraded which we expect to be later today. The signup protocol has actually been changed as well to remove the option of signing up for Pro or providing payment, etc (unless you hate the ads or want to use your own domain).

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