SBS End Is The Best Move Microsoft Made In Years


SBS 2003 is probably the greatest product Microsoft has put out in the server space and it’s one that made us a lot of money. It has financed the buildout of other product lines which have done enormously well for ExchangeDefender, it has created a huge following and a community, got many places to embrace Microsoft technology and create sophisticated networks.

I will miss it. I am sure so will many of you.

However, this is a clear line Microsoft is drawing in the sand that will force many Microsoft partners to be smarter about what they are doing and just how they build their business, take a better look at their product portfolio and move beyond vendor roadmap worship and into building solutions and services with their name on it.

Microsoft has decided that there are two worlds: Consumer and Enterprise.

We kind of know better and look forward to working with you at ExchangeDefender because the world is not on the ground or in the cloud, it’s where the client pays the most.

I will post the followup once I make it back to United States on how you can take advantage of the news and emotions surrounding this announcement because this is the best thing Microsoft could have done for you (I know you don’t believe it right now but I will explain it).

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