Big changes take some time

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I was reminded over the weekend by a few partners that I haven’t posted many strategic updates over the past few weeks regarding what we’re up to – I beg to differ, we have been rolling out our strategy since January with with half of the year gone we’re actually ahead of what we had planned.

The problem is that there is a difference between doing shit and talking shit. I can blog until the keys fall off but since I no longer own Dell laptops that’s gonna take a while Smile

If you are interested in what we’re up to (and if you have a signed NDA and if you’re actively reselling ExchangeDefender services) you’re welcome to join the webinar this Wednesday at 2PM:

June 27th, 2 PM – 3 PM

* NDA Required. Event will not  be recorded. Active OWN Partners only.

As for the strategy..

In 2012 we renamed Own Web Now to ExchangeDefender.

Not so that we can better focus our business around what is a dead business – that of selling antispam software to IT consultants that are no longer rolling out servers – but to focus our business on the massive transition that is taking place: end-to-end business IT integration.

Put simply, businesses are looking for far more than just email.

We have a massive user base and a massive partner base. All of whom are, respectively, doomed. If your bread and butter is overpriced IT maintenance then it’s not a matter of if but when you become irrelevant and replaced.

We have been adding things to ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey that go well beyond the realm of email or IT management. We’re after the whole pie with our partners. With the one thing that real businesses will pay for: accountability.

So we’re bolting on all the stuff that is typically costing partners tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and saying – it’s free, go dominate your marketplace. Instead of paying and twisting your vendors arms into supporting one anothers crap while you bleed, we’re giving you a fully integrated solution pretty much free of charge – no, it’s not “the best” but you’ll find that “the best” becomes kind of irrelevant to businesses that do not value the service in the first place. If they value you, they’ll pay for your time and your advice, and we’re going to make sure that is as profitable as possible.

That’s our strategy. And we’re in this for the long haul.

That said, the time on the clock is ticking and we’re just a few months away from shutting down our partner program to the new signups. We have partners virtually everywhere and loyalty has it’s benefits – mainly the fact that it will keep the guy from Craigslist from getting the same stuff you’re able to offer. So hop on in. We’re not wasting money on events anymore, we’re investing it all in the process, tools and services and we’re out rolling them out ourselves around the clock around the world.

It’s pretty simple. Sign up. Attend the webinar. We’ve got a month long waiting list on the secret stuff and yeah – there is a time commitment if you want to be ahead of the pack – but your alternatives are far less appealing and trust me, you don’t want to act on this when everything we’re doing becomes public on this blog. Lots of people read this blog and act when I make it super easy – but by that time it will be a little too late.

And that folks is why I’ve been tired – we’re fully committed to seeing this thing roll out. So my timeline has left very little room for anything else. I’ll blog a lot more next quarter, hope this one has been as great to you as it has been to us!

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